Agreement between Inter Ser and Printing Group


Inter Ser is expanding its product range with the addition of engobe application rollers produced by Printing Group

Inter Ser, a company specialising in international sales of original spare parts and machines for the ceramic industry, has expanded its range of high-quality products by signing an agreement with Printing Group, a Formigine-based company that specialises in decorative applications and has been producing and engraving silicone rollers for over 20 years. Printing Group's main strength is its laser department, which thanks to the experience and talent of its technical staff is able to recreate any type of engraving on the rollers, including logos and custom lettering.

Inter Ser is particularly interested in systems for applying engobe to the back of tiles. The solutions on offer range from Rollerflex rigid rollers to Rollerpress silicone rollers, available in a wide range of versions (in terms of type of engraving, lengths, diameters and hardness of the silicone rollers) in order to meet all market requirements.

Inter Ser's CEO Gian Luca Zanoni expressed his satisfaction with the agreement as it will enable the company to offer its customers new high-quality solutions and pave the way for the sale of engobe application machines.