Algerian firm LUXE Tile looks to large slabs, with Sacmi’s technology


New factory supplied with a new complete plant. Equipment to include latest-generation XXL presses and an automated storage system.

Khaled Delenda

Sacmi is opening up Algeria to large-size slabs and tiles. The proof? The recent inauguration of the LUXE Tile factory, bristling with Sacmi technology for the manufacture of 600x600 - 900x900 mm tiles and strip-like formats measuring 600x1200 and 200x900 mm in both red body and glazed white body.

LUXE-Tile, to which the Technoceram brand (a leading player in the Algerian ceramic industry) belongs, is owned by Khaled Delenda (pictured) and is located in the Batna district, an emerging ceramic hub that is already home to a dozen new factories.

From body preparation to firing, Sacmi is supplying all the main machines for the two production lines: these include a latest-generation MMC 092 continuous modular mill, flanked by an 18,000 litre-an-hour ATM spray-drier. Sacmi is also providing two PH5000 XXL presses: ideal for medium-large formats, these will operate in conjunction with two 5-tier horizontal dryers. Completing the order are two glazing lines, two cutting-edge kilns and a complete Sacmi -Nuova Sima storage system featuring LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles).

LUXE Tile is also getting ground-breaking Sacmi systems that limit environmental impact, such as the complete filtering system supplied by Sacmi-Eurofilter. What's more, the lines have been equipped with a BMR dry grinding system.

Sacmi has worked closely with LUXE-Tile in the past, supplying two lines for their Technoceram plants. With this new shift towards large-sized surfaces the Italian group confirms its attention to the Algerian market, which is regaining its place among the international major producers in the ceramics industry.