Ancora supplies large slab finishing machines to Ceramicas Lourdes


For its first factory devoted to the production of porcelain slabs in sizes up to 1600x3200 mm, the important Argentine tile producer Ceramicas Lourdes (Burzaco, Buenos Aires) has commissioned Ancora (SITI BT Group) to supply the complete finishing plant from the kiln exit through to the sorting and packaging machines.

The line consists of two 12 and 20 head lapping machines with a full-field machining capacity of 6,000 sq.m/day, two 4-head coating machines for application of the final protective treatment, a transversal engraving machine with 5 dual-function heads (surface engraving and deep incision), and a longitudinal engraving machine with 7 dual-function heads capable of completely cutting the slabs.

These two machines can be used in combination to obtain strips of various sizes, from the traditional 200x800 mm through to 200x1600 mm and 800x2400 mm planks.

The finishing line also includes the innovative Speed Dry squaring machine complete with high-speed spindles equipped with cooling system and specially-designed tools kept clean by means of compressed air jets.

The Speed Dry unit in operation at Ceramicas Lourdes has a squaring capacity directly at the kiln exit of 12,000 sq.m/day.

The dry machining process ensures numerous cost and operational advantages including plant lifetime and maintenance, energy savings and lower diamond tool wear.

The new line will enable Ceramicas Lourdes to strengthen its position in the domestic market by offering a wide range of innovative solutions in sizes and thicknesses that are still highly innovative for Argentina.