BMR at Coverings 2019


From April 9 to 12 BMR will take part at Coverings with its latest technologies for the finishing process of ceramic tiles.

BMR will take part at the 30th Coverings in Orlando (Booth 4402) to make its contribution and to demonstrate the high level of performance that the finishing processes of ceramic tiles have reached, ensuring a significant added value to the finished product. The evolution of BMR dry technology confirms BMR among the most important international players.

Today, there are more than 30 BMR branded plants in America, dedicated to the finishing (cut, honing, lapping, squaring …) of the entire range of tile formats, from the smallest ones (100x100 mm) up to medium and largest sizes (1800x3600 mm); they endorse the company's expertise in over 50 years of business, characterized by professionalism, quality, efficiency, foresight and continuous investment.

BMR’s success in America can also be attributed to its offices located in Crossville (Tennessee), in the heart of the U.S. ceramic valley.

After opening its first branch in Dickson in 2016, BMR USA established its headquarters in Crossville in 2017. This is BMR’s logistics hub for the supply of spare parts and after-sales services that provide a very important support to the ceramic companies operating in the Tennessee area, many of which are Italian.

One of the developments at BMR USA is the new reconditioning department for squaring spindles, which very soon will also be able to service polishing heads: a fundamental service, which until now has not been feasible because of prohibitive transport costs to and from Italy.