BMR expands in the Iranian market


The Iranian ceramic industry is continuing to innovate in terms of plant and products and to adopt cutting-edge finishing technologies.

The Iranian ceramic tile industry is challenging the global economy with its spirit of innovation and development and is continuing to adopt state-of-the-art process technologies, including surface finishing equipment.

Scandiano, Italy-based company BMR boasts a leadership position in this market thanks to its excellent reputation amongst leading local ceramic manufacturers.

Major orders completed by BMR in 2018 include a plant supplied to Rock Sanat (Mah Ceram group) for the production of ceramic slabs and two new dry squaring lines delivered to the longstanding customer Eefa Ceram.

The latest investments by Marjan Tile have included the purchase of a Squadra Dry machine, while Persepolis Tile & Stone Group has developed new honed surfaces using the LevigaPlus line.