C.B.C. celebrates 30 years of activity


2015 is an important year for C.B.C. as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary - 30 years of history and constant growth based on research, innovation and development of technologies for improving production processes.

Set up in 1985 by Angelo Cappi, the company started out by selling raw materials for the ceramic industry. Over the years, it specialised in dry milling for the production of ceramic bodies, a material that immediately attracted strong market interest.

With the aim of differentiating the company's core business, I.Z. Italiana Zeoliti was founded in 1991 to promote Italian zeolites and their derivates and their usage in the zootechnic, agricultural and animal care sectors.

In 1999 C.B.C. set up I.MA.F. for the micronisation of feldspars, demonstrating a pioneering interest in the production of ceramic panels of side length larger than 3 metres, a product that at the time was not yet being widely produced.

After intense research efforts aimed at finding an alternative to zirconium silicate, the Group founded ReMix, which rapidly established itself as a leader in the sector.

Along with C.B.C. and I.MA.F., ReMix succeeded in using the wet milling process to produce and sell a new series of whiteners sold under the REWhite® brand name and used in place of zirconium silicate in the production of ceramic bodies, engobes, glazes, sanitaryware and inks.

C.B.C. Group now has four production facilities and offices, all located in the Sassuolo ceramic district, and employs 60 people, five of whom are engaged in R&D for new products and specific solutions tailored to the needs of individual ceramic companies.