Ceramic Industries Group adopts I-Nkfiller


Following its market success in Italy, Spain, the USA, Mexico and Belarus, the I-Nkfiller system for automatically filling ink tanks on digital printers was recently launched in South Africa. It has been adopted by Pegasus, a company owned by the global top-20 tile manufacturer Ceramic Industries Group.

I-Nkfiller, manufactured by I-Tech and distributed on an exclusive basis by Inter Ser in several regions including South Africa, offers a number of major benefits in terms of the production process.

For example, ink can be purchased in tanks with a capacity of more than 200 litres rather than in 5 or 10 litre cans and subsequently stored in I-Vasfi smart tanks equipped with a diaphragm pump to keep the ink circulating and avoid sedimentation.

The I-Vasfi tanks are connected directly to the digital printers and the system supplies the ink automatically when required. This reduces the risk of human error and guarantees time savings and higher finished product quality.