Ceramic Industries orders second I-Nkfiller system


The South African group is about to install the innovative system already used by Pegasus at the Samca Floor facility.

The South African group Ceramic Industries, one of the world’s largest ceramic tile manufacturers, has commissioned a new I-Nkfiller plant for the Samca Floor facility with the aim of replicating the excellent results and advantages already observed at the Pegasus production site.

Produced by I-Tech and distributed exclusively by Inter Ser in a number of regions including South Africa, I-Nkfiller is an innovative system for automatic ink tank filling on digital printers. In recent years the system has been widely adopted in numerous markets including Italy, Spain, the USA, Mexico and Belarus.

One of the biggest advantages of I-Nkfiller is the possibility of purchasing inks in containers with a capacity of more than 200 litres and storing the inks in smart tanks (I-Vasfi) that keep them moving by means of a diaphragm pump. The I-Vasfi tanks are connected directly to the digital printers and supply ink automatically when required. The success of I-Nkfiller is largely due to the rapid return on investment (under a year) and the fact that it solves a range of problems such as eliminating sedimentation and avoiding ink wastage, reducing human error and obviating the need to dispose of small empty ink tanks. The system automation also ensures significant time savings and greater finished product quality.