CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY and PERONDA: the partnership continues with COLORJET 20


CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY has installed the latest dry colouring solution at the PERONDA GROUP’s plant.

PERONDA GROUP, a leading ceramic tile manufacturer based in Onda (Castellón), has installed the innovative COLORJET 20 dry colouring system to upgrade its large format tile production line. Developed by the R&D department of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY (Vila-real), the patented COLORJET 20 solution represents the latest advance in dry powder colouring technology. It has a production capacity of up to 20 tonnes per hour, it has no mechanical components in the mix and it reduces both cleaning and product changeover times.

  • A longstanding partnership

CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY’s collaboration with PERONDA dates back to 2002 when the first dry colouring system was delivered. This was followed by a further two systems for the new production plant, plus the recent COLORJET 20 installed on the large format tile production line. “In 2020 we felt the need to expand this line with a new dry colouring plant with higher productivity and, in keeping with PERONDA’s tradition, we wanted to invest in the latest technologies on the market,” explains Javier Sanjuan, Chief Innovation Officer at PERONDA. This included COLORJET 20, which at that time was undergoing testing at CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY’s TechLAB pilot plant. “It was an excellent opportunity to begin a new collaboration on this project and to equip our plants with a new generation of technology,” says Sanjuan.

  • The successful installation

Installation was completed rapidly and without any problems whatsoever thanks to the excellent collaboration between the two technical teams and, above all, the preliminary tests conducted in the TechLAB. “Right from the first colouring process performed during the test phases, we obtained pieces that could very well have been produced on the production line”, says Jorge Denia, plant 2 technician at PERONDA GROUP, with evident satisfaction.

David and Carlos Chumillas, respectively CEO and Chief Technical Officer of CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY, confirmed that collaboration with PERONDA was essential for successful commissioning of the plant: “The availability of a research laboratory where we could test products and show the final results to the customer in advance meant that we could optimise the process prior to installation and final testing.”

  • Goals fully achieved

As Javier Sanjuan confirms, COLORJET 20 was the perfect solution to the need for a high capacity dry colouring plant while bringing many further benefits. “The advantages of this solution include ease of cleaning prior to product changeovers, rapid changing of oxide percentages, and a high level of flexibility to simplify our work, not to mention the possibility of extending our colour gamut,” he says.

David Chumillas is pleased with the more than positive outcome of the project and with PERONDA’s confidence in CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY’s ability to develop a revolutionary dry colouring system made entirely in Spain.