CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY installs COLORJET 20 on the new HALCÓN CERÁMICAS production line


The COLORJET 20 system, the innovative dry powder colouring technology developed and patented by CHUMILLAS TECHNOLOGY, is currently being installed on the new HALCÓN CERÁMICAS production line.

The new solution is designed specifically for ceramic tile production processes and allows for a throughput of up to 20 tons per hour.

Another innovative feature of the system is its ability to increase the bonding strength of pigments to the spray dried powder, thereby ensuring a more uniform finished product.

The new project for HALCÓN CERÁMICAS follows the two recent installations carried out this year at the plants of PERONDA GROUP and ARGENTA, also located in the Spanish ceramic district of Castellón.

Ceramic tile manufacturers who use COLORJET 20 enjoy benefits ranging from improved finished product quality to increased efficiency and optimised production. In addition to a wider colour gamut and greater colour intensity, the system also simplifies the production line, reduces energy costs and eliminates warehouse stock due to the possibility of producing only the quantity actually consumed.