Colourservice to unveil new products at Tecnargilla


Colourservice (Smaltochimica group) is planning to use the international showcase Tecnargilla 2016 to present major new products in the field of ceramic digital reproduction and profiling.

It will display a new version of the hyperspectral scanner, which is optimised in terms of measurement quality and scanning speed and can be used in conjunction with two additional acquisition systems: the 3D system designed to detect relief prior to preparing moulds for the press, and an RGB detection system designed to provide additional inputs to the graphic design department if the acquired sample is to be used as the starting point for a complex ceramic project.

At the same venue the company will also unveil the new release of its colour management software specifically designed for digital ceramic decoration.

This optimised version is ideal for use with new technologies in the industry and takes on board ideas put forward by users.