Cotto Petrus installs first Sacmi PH 3800 Smart press


The first Sacmi PH 3800 Smart press came into operation last August at the Roteglia (RE) facility of Cotto Petrus, owned by the Frascari family, for the production of glazed porcelain tiles in 30x60 cm and 60x60 cm sizes.

The Smart series is available on various kinds of press including medium-tonnage models such as the PH 3800, and stands out for its integrated automation system based on the Ethernet Powerlink communication protocol, which allows for high communication speeds and therefore rapid and accurate control of all machine operating parameters, including consumption.

The PH 3800 Smart is equipped with a simple and user-friendly interface that provides valuable diagnostic information and has an enormous data transmission and processing capacity in keeping with Industry 4.0 principles.