Dal Tile installs a second innovative G.O.D. system from I-Tech


The innovative integrated G.O.D. (Glazes on Demand) system built by Italian company I-Tech was installed in January in the Dal Tile facility in Monterrey, Mexico. This is the second G.O.D. system to be adopted by the US manufacturer, which has already tested it with excellent results at the production facility in Dickson, Tennessee.

G.O.D. is a new solution developed for the preparation of glazes and engobes which are sent automatically to the glazing lines (13 at the Monterrey facility). The system brings significant improvements in terms of environmental impact. The absence of forklift trucks for product handling eliminates fuel consumption and emissions, while the consumption of water for washing the previously used containers is reduced.

The system is equipped with integrated sensors and automated devices and features an intelligent supervision software that interconnects the various machines and items of equipment for data exchange, allowing the processes to be analysed and monitored. This brings the efficiency and productivity typical of a "smart factory".