Dellas merges with Peak


The merger brings together the know-how of Dellas, a leading producer of diamond tools for the stone industry, with that of Peak, a young company in the ceramic machining tools sector.

Dellas, a Verona, Italy-based company that manufactures and sells diamond tools for machining marble, granite and agglomerate stone, is continuing its growth strategy through the recent merger with Peak. Founded just 4 years ago, Peak has rapidly carved out a strong position in the sector of diamond tools for the ceramic industry thanks to its distinctive combination of technology, expertise and Italian craftsmanship. The two companies have previously partnered on commercial projects and now aim to strengthen and consolidate their positions in terms of both quality and distribution while optimising their manufacturing and sales operations.

Peak already sells its products in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Southeast Asia and the USA and will now be able to expand elsewhere in the world thanks to the greater market penetration provided by Dellas, which over the years has established itself as a leading international player.

As for Dellas, the merger will enable the company to reshore the manufacturing operations carried out in Suzhou (China) and headed by GianGaetano Dal Santo, who will return to Italy to oversee the process of integration. As Chairman and CEO Daniele Ferrari explains, Dellas has made major investments in innovative machinery at the Lugo di Grezzana (VR) site to allow for the production of new and highly competitive tools for the ceramic industry.

The photo shows the Dellas management team. From left: GianGaetano Dal Santo (Operation Manager), Daniele Ferrari (CEO), Emanuel Moretto (General Manager), Marco Pasquotti (CFO) and Luca Masiero (Sales&Marketing Director).