Digit-S for ceramics 4.0


The Spanish company specialising in colour management software for the ceramic industry has launched the new KROME Ceramics and KEYCam projects.

Digit-S team

Digit-S, a leading Spanish company specialising in software and hardware solutions for the ceramic industry 4.0, has launched KROME Ceramics, an innovative colour management software developed specifically for the sector. As well as reducing ink consumption by more than 20%, the system allows different machines to be synchronised so as to produce the same design on multiple production lines without colour variations.

In recent months, the Digit-S team has also been working on the development of KEYCam, an acquisition system that can be used to digitalise a ceramic surface produced in any conditions and reproduce it at a later date with the same colour, design and quality standards, even in different production conditions (size, glaze, inkjet printer and kiln). KEYCam uses a camera with a special lens that meets the strictest standards of graphic and colorimetric precision and a flash lighting system designed to capture and record the original colour of the tile correctly, even in the event of low light or non-standard lighting conditions.

Compared to the scanners used up to now, the main advantage of KEYCam and KROME Capture is the ability to produce exactly the same tile even with different processes or production plants, for example in factories located in different countries. This can be done directly and without the need for any manual adjustments thanks to the new design matching system incorporated into the software.