Digitally decorated skirting with Ferrari&Cigarini technology


DGbull is a new inkjet printer for digital decoration of skirting developed by Ferrari & Cigarini (Maranello, Italy) and unveiled at Coverings 2015 (Orlando, USA).

The printer uses low-temperature inks and operates in its standard configuration with the four colours of the four-colour process plus a glossy resin channel, as well as white on the top range model.

Printing is performed directly on the skirting without the need to apply primer. The maximum resolution is 1440 dpi and production 1200 pieces/hour. After printing, the skirting is sent straight to the dryer at an operating temperature of 200°C for a period of 20 minutes.

DGbull is able to print the same design on all pieces or different designs on each piece to achieve varied shading effects.