Durst confirms the distribution exclusivity for ColorGATE CMS


The partnership between Durst and ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions was re-confirmed after Ricoh acquisition.

The recent acquisition of ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions by Ricoh Company will not change the business relationship between the German company and Durst signed in September.

Thomas Kirschner, Co-founder and CEO of ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions, reconfirms that the exclusive agreement signed with Durst in September for the distribution in the ceramic market of the ColorGATE CMS color management software remains in force and will be strengthened, with further joint developments of this complete solution.

As a result of the cooperation with Durst, which has already lasted for two years, numerous functions and work processes have been optimized and specifically developed to meet the specific requirements in tile decoration.

At Tecnargilla 2018 Durst presented the “ColorGATE CMS Durst Edition”, demonstrating actual results of several customers and creating a strong interest among visitors.