Durst secures new orders in India


Durst is continuing to score success in the Indian market, driven by a sharp increase in demand for high-quality tiles since the beginning of 2014.

Following the positive experiences of numerous producers with the Gamma 75 HD-R series, in recent months Durst has completed almost a dozen new instillations for companies operating in the Morbi ceramic cluster (Gujarat). These include Admark Ceramic, Solarium Ceramics, Jai Ganesh Vitrified Pvt., Tecco Ceramics, Casva Tiles Pvt. Ltd., M/S Aajveto, Range Ceramic Pvt. Ltd., Shiv Shakti Ceramic Pvt. and Redstone Granito.

These companies specialise in wall tile production over two 12-hour daily shifts. During the first shift the tiles are produced in series and fired, then during the subsequent 12 hours they undergo decoration and a second firing stage.

The main advantages noted by local producers include reliability, high productivity and excellent printing quality, as well as 24/7 technical support.