Durst supplies new Gamma 108 XD 4.0 printer to South African company Ceramic Industries


Ceramic Industries, the largest tile producer in South Africa with five factories and an annual output of more than 55 million sq.m, recently started up a new Durst Gamma 108 XD 4.0 digital printer, which joins the company’s existing Durst Gamma 75 HD units.

The new printer operates at a speed of 57 m/min., allowing for a daily production of around 16,000 sq.m, even with small tile sizes. This output entirely meets the needs of the South African company, known for its high-volume production and very fast production lines at all its facilities (Pegasus, Gryphon, Vitro, Samca Wall, Samca Floor).

High image quality, reliability, guaranteed 24/7 uptime and low maintenance costs were other factors behind the choice made by the company led by CEO Lance Foxcroft.

Other benefits of the Durst Gamma 108 XD 4.0 include long print head duty cycles with no purge or ink waste and a dry belt-cleaning system.