Emilceramica chooses System for storage and the end-of-line stage


Emilceramica is strengthening its partnership with the System Group.

After trying out Nuova Era technology and seeing the raw materials savings offered by the System Ceramics 4Phases packaging machine at the former Acif facility, the historic Fiorano-based ceramic company once again turned to System for its recent investment to modernise the storage systems and end-of-line department at the former Prisma facility.

Following years of operation using System AGVs to serve the palletisers, the company has now started up a customised Multigecko two-stack sorter with 16 suction cups, a 4Phases machine and a Griffon palletiser.

The storage system was again supplied by Nuova Era, while digital decoration is performed using the Creadigit system to guarantee high-precision defect-free printing.

With this layout, the Emilceramica system is optimised for the production of medium to large-format tiles.