Epicentr Ceramic in Ukraine focuses on large slab production


In a 9.9 million euro deal, Epicentr Ceramic Corporation will install a new Sacmi plant including a Continua+ line

Sacmi recently finalised a 9.9 million euro deal to expand the ceramic plant of Epicentr K, a Ukrainian company that operates in the wholesale and retail distribution of DIY products, furniture and household items.

An export support loan granted to Epicentr Ceramic Corporation by UniCredit and guaranteed by SACE will enable the Ukrainian firm to purchase a new production line from Sacmi and expand the production capacity of its plant in the city of Kalynivka from 6 to 9 million sqm/year.

The supply contract will include a new Continua+ line for the production of large ceramic slabs. As noted by Sacmi Imola’s chairman Paolo Mongardi, the success of this project is an example of Italy’s ability to work collectively and bring together its best industrial, institutional and financial resources.