Equipe Ceramicas impressed by printer combining Efi Cretaprint electronics with Seiko technology


EFI Cretaprint electronics coupled with the new Seiko RC1536 L high-discharge printhead has proved a winning combination for Equipe Ceramicas, a leading Spanish company in the small-size tile and trim piece segment. At its facility located in Figuerolas (Castellón), Equipe produces a wide range of decorative ceramic floor and wall tiles (porcelain and single and double firing) in square, rectangular, triangular and hexagonal sizes, including 3D effects. The latest collections include Art Nouveau, Artisan, Woodland and Magical 3.

For product decoration, the company has adopted an Efi Cretaprint C4 printer with 8 colour bars, one of which is equipped with the new Seiko RC1536-L printheads used to apply the special Gloss finish. The machine, which has been running for several months, operates at a speed of 20-30 m/min. with a resolution of 360 dpi. As technical director Pedro Nebot explained, it brings significant advantages in terms of the production process, including ease of access to all printer components, simplicity of maintenance, versatility in setting printing parameters and speed of cleaning, a factor that is particularly important for a company that changes model several times a day.

But the biggest improvements reported by Equipe concern product quality and creativity. “Seiko printheads have helped to stabilise the production rate while maintaining quality, something that we did not get with other previous printheads,” said Isabel Querol, laboratory manager. “At the same time, the discharge quantity and drop volume can be varied over a wide range covering all our needs, from subtle shades through to the most intense colour tones,” added design manager Raúl Torres.

The RC1536-L printhead can discharge 70 g/m² at a speed of 25 m/min. (or 35 g/m² at 50 m/min.), with a drop volume ranging from 13 to 150 pl or from 25 to 225 pl, offering enhanced scope for creativity. In particular, the possibility of a high quantity of ink deposition intensifies the glossy effect while improving surface flatness.

Constant ink circulation allows for the removal of bubbles and impurities, ensuring a longer nozzle lifetime and significantly reducing ink consumption.

The photos show Equipe’s Metro Patchwork collection in a 75x150 mm size.