Exclusive partnership between ColorGATE and Durst Phototechnik


Durst Phototechnik and ColorGATE (Hanover, Germany), two of the world’s leaders in the field of digital printing technologies, have signed an exclusive distribution partnership for the ceramic industry.

A perfect symbiosis between hardware and software, the agreement will bring together the performance of Durst Gamma printers with ColorGATE’s Ceramic Productionserver (CPS), the colour and process management solution that optimises the workflow and guarantees accurate colour rendering and colour-consistent reproduction of tile designs.

The new agreement builds on a two-year partnership that has helped ColorGATE to develop its new 10.30 software release optimised for the ceramic tile industry.

In addition to CPS software, the partnership will also cover the Universal Ceramic Inkjet driver, which ensures maximum printing quality and an efficient workflow by establishing direct communication between the CPS and Durst Gamma printers.

This allows all relevant settings such as resolution and line speed to be automatically transmitted together with the print job.

Durst will be responsible for technical support and training while ColorGATE will concentrate on second-level support.

The Universal Ceramic Inkjet driver can also be used with other non-Durst ceramic digital printers available on the market.