FCRI launches SK95 roller


With its high bending strength, FCRI’s new SK95 roller avoids the problem of tiles overlapping in the rapid kiln cooling zone.

To prevent tiles from overlapping in the kiln’s rapid cooling zone and to ensure that they move smoothly during the firing process, the FCRI Group’s R&D team developed the SK95 anti-bending roller, which guarantees high levels of performance, especially in high productivity kilns and kilns for firing large size products.

The new SK95 roller has already been well received in the market and has been adopted by several major Chinese ceramic tile producers. One of these is Chunyi, which has a production capacity of 48,000 sqm/day of 300×600 mm wall tiles and has tested the SK95 (65×4700 mm) for firing tiles in rows of 10 pieces without experiencing any overlapping.

SMT, a manufacturer of thin slabs (1200×3600 mm) with a daily production capacity of 6,000 sqm, also found that the SK95 roller fully satisfied expectations. Similarly positive results with SK95 rollers (60x4300 mm) were reported by the company QuanSheng, which produces 30,000 sqm/day of polished glazed tiles in an 800×800 mm size.