FCRI steps up the pace of R&D


The company is developing new GF99 ceramic rollers for large surfaces and QF99 rollers with low absorption and high bending and wear resistance

Back in full operation in February after implementing all the necessary safety measures for workers, the Foshan-based company FCRI has resumed production of its GF 98 ceramic rollers for firing large slabs of low and high thickness, a product that is in strong demand in the Chinese ceramic market where FCRI is the leading brand. The company is also stepping up the pace of its R&D activity on the new GF99 rollers, likewise designed for kilns used for firing large surfaces, and on the QF99 series which stand out for their low water absorption and high bending and wear resistance. The Foshan laboratories are also working on a very high pressure isostatic press that will further improve the density and rigidity of the ceramic rollers. To maintain contact with international customers during the period of restricted travel, FCRI has implemented an online consulting and technical support service.