Firemat Ecointer, the new production centre for refractory materials


With the recent acquisition of Ecointer, Aldero Industrial Supplies strengthens its position in the refractory ware sector and launches a new production centre.

Aldero Industrial Supplies, a market leader in the ceramic sanitaryware and thermal insulation segment led by the Sciarrini family, is continuing its process of consolidation in the refractories sector.

Following the foundation of cast refractory manufacturer Firemat in 2017, on 15 October this year the Civita Castellana-based company acquired 100% of the shares of Ecointer (S. Bernardino Verbano), a business that for 40 years has been specialising in the extrusion of refractory materials for the ceramic and food industries.

This acquisition led to the creation of Firemat Ecointer, the only European player capable of offering both extruded and cast refractory ware and the most comprehensive range of materials for industrial kilns on the market.

By sharing know-how, technology and skills, the company will be able to accelerate its growth in all the main international markets and offer 100% Italian-made high-quality products.

Manufacturing operations will continue to be located exclusively in Italy, using high-quality raw materials fired at a temperature of around 1400°C to guarantee products with exceptional characteristics of mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance and durability. This high level of quality is assured by meticulous control of every production stage from design through to raw materials processing and packaging.

In the future, Firemat Ecointer aims to develop new firing systems, geometric forms and formulations with a focus on energy saving and minimising environmental impact.