First Sacmi Continua+ line in India supplied to Simpolo Ceramics


The Continua+ line was started up in September and will enable Simpolo to position itself in the high end of the market with a full range of new products in sizes up to 1600x3200 mm.​

Jitendra Aghara, CEO Simpolo Ceramics

With the aim of reviving the medium to high end of the market, Indian ceramic tile and sanitaryware manufacturer Simpolo Ceramics has started up a Continua+ line at its Morbi site for the production of large sizes, the first installed by Sacmi in India.

The new Continua+ line began production in mid-September, just 8 months after the signing of the contract, and will enable Simpolo to produce up to 15,000 sq.m/day of ceramic surfaces in a wide range of sizes (up to 1600x3200 mm), thicknesses and aesthetic effects. The new line is integrated with Sacmi digital decoration machines as well as with other upstream/downstream solutions such as a dryer and kiln.

The Indian producer based its investment decision not just on the potential of Continua+ to create products with extremely high aesthetic and technical quality but also on its ability to lower operating expenses and increase competitiveness. This is a particularly important consideration in a sector that, in India as in many parts of the world, is being hampered by geopolitical tensions, a sluggish world economy and the recent slowdown in the local ceramics industry.

In conjunction with the technological investment, Simpolo has also organised a series of promotional activities in preparation for the market launch of a full range of new products. Prior to the start-up of the plant, the company led by CEO Jitendra Aghara organised an event in Mumbai to present some of the new products to its customers (around 800 dealers and sellers located throughout India).

For Sacmi, the launch of Continua+ in India further confirms the validity of its innovative technology for the production of extra-large sizes and opens up new strategic development prospects in the Indian market. Sacmi is present in India with the Sacmi Engineering sales and production facility, whose team works alongside local producers in all steps of the process from design to after-sales support, as in the case of the Simpolo project.