Florim’s new Industry 4.0 facility for the production of ceramic panels came into operation in October


The new Industry 4.0 factory built by the Florim Group in Mordano (Bologna) began production in October this year. Designed exclusively for the production of large-size ceramic panels (up to 160x320 cm in the three thicknesses 6/12/20 mm for a wide range of uses), the factory has a floor space of 56,000 sq.m and establishes itself as a new benchmark as part of an Industry 4.0 vision for the world ceramic industry. Cutting-edge technology and computer-integrated machines are housed in a clean, modern, attractive and comfortable space with plenty of natural light thanks to a window of height 5 metres and length 130 metres.

The work began in April 2017 with the installation of 800 seismic piles and was completed in just 6 months. The 170-metre length kiln began producing the first ceramic panels ready for storage in October. A website and a video are devoted to the construction of the plant and to the line in operation.

This latest €70 million project marks the latest step in the Florim Group’s ambitious investment programme. In the last 6 years the Fiorano-based ceramic group has invested a total of 300 million euros, while a further allocation of around 70 million euros is planned for 2018. A large construction site has been started up at the headquarters in Fiorano Modenese to build another Industry 4.0 benchmark facility. The future 48,000 sq.m building connected to the Mordano facility has been designed for processing and logistics of large-size panels.