FM’s R&D efforts focus on air quality


The new FM project for the treatment and purification of air in the workplace integrates with the Green Blow Air Line and is due to be completed in the autumn.

Despite the Covid-19 emergency, the Reggio Emilia-based company FM has pressed on with its new product R&D activities in recent months in keeping with its 2020 plans. After presenting the silicone roller conveyor line in the spring, the company expects to complete a new project relating to the Green Blow Air Line by the autumn.

This tile drying, cleaning and cooling system has proved highly successful in recent years, largely thanks to the continuous introduction of new components and accessories capable of creating truly independent blowing systems suitable for any existing installation.  

The new project will focus on air quality in the working environment, an aspect that has already been partly addressed with the introduction of the filter accessory but which is now even more important given the need to minimise the spread of the coronavirus. By capturing dust and small particles generated by machining processes on industrial production lines, the new FM system will help purify the air and significantly improve its quality.

The new project completes the Green Blow Air Line and integrates seamlessly with all its components, thereby providing a solution to all air treatment needs.