Fritta presents Surfaces and Digital Glaze


As a result of its unflagging R&D efforts in the field of digital materials, Fritta is now launching two new product ranges: the Surfaces inks, which achieve greater intensity and breadth of colour, and the Digital Glaze range, which generate textures and volumes capable of bringing all kinds of ceramic products to life. 

The Surfaces inks are submicron materials suited to the characteristics of new printheads and are capable of producing a full range of surface effects, including micro-relief, contrasts and volumes, 3D effects with a wealth of detail, and metallic effects for special decorations. One new feature is the lustre effect which can be used with high discharge printheads (more than 100 g/m2), while the extra white ink is able to create contrasts on coloured bases or decorations with a high colour intensity. 

The Digital Glaze range includes glossy glazes (transparent or opaque) and three different matt glazes (satin, rustic and opaque), used for the production of monoporosa, red body stoneware and porcelain tiles. The new digital glazes, developed for high-discharge printheads (between 200 and 1500 g/m2), are water-based and have a particle size of up to 25 microns, a high solids concentration and a resolution of between 25 and 40 dpi.