Gamma Durst shines at Expo Revestir


Durst digital technology proved a big success at the trade show Expo Revestir in São Paulo from 7 to 10 March, where the company was present alongside its local branch Durst Brazil.

At the largest South American exhibition for the sector, the Brixen-based company showcased the innovative printers in its Gamma XD 4.0 range, a platform for the future Full Digital Glaze Line which was previously displayed at Tecnargilla 2016.

The revolutionary digital glaze printing technology, which allows users to develop and manufacture innovative products with unprecedented definition and wealth of detail, attracted enormous attention at Revestir. The Full Digital Glaze Line takes tile production to the next level of automation and synchronises the glazing, decoration and finishing steps to create an end-to-end production process.

Another innovation that attracted strong interest at the show was the Durst DM (Digital Material) printhead technology, which allows effect inks to be printed in large quantities (over 100 g/m2) so as to generate special designs and effects.

In the Brazilian ceramic tile market, the degree of digitisation of decoration lines has now reached 80%, and Revestir 2017 made it clear that the market is consolidating and focusing more on quality. Moreover, 4 out of the 10 products nominated for the "Prêmio dos Arquitetos e Designers de Interiores" Revestir Design Award were produced using Durst Gamma XD printing systems.