Global Inkjet Systems expands its offer


Global Inkjet Systems (Cambridge, UK) has expanded its range of products (software and electronics for inkjet printheads) to include electronics and software for the ink supply system and accessories such as header tanks and system controls for pressure, filtration and degassing. Digital printer manufacturers can use the GIS components as building blocks to develop a bespoke system, allowing them to retain control over their ink system.

GIS provides parts of the ink supply systems that require significant development time, while the machine builder retains the flexibility to source readily available components (such as pumps, tubing and fittings) according to their architecture and ink system themselves, which helps to control cost.

The GIS ink control board can support up to 6 inks (multiple boards can be connected for systems with more than 6 inks) and can be used with printheads with different ink flow modes - no flow for end shooter printheads, low flow recirculating and controlled flow recirculating for heads with ink circulation capability. The header tank can be supplied in various versions for different ink capacity requirements. The designs can be customised, enabling machine builders to develop their own bespoke solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.