GMM Group grows in Tennessee


Established in Clarksville 5 years ago, GMM USA provides components and predictive maintenance services to ceramic tile producers in the US Ceramic Valley

GMM USA, a subsidiary of GMM Group opened in 2016 in the heart of the US Ceramic Valley in Clarksville, Tennessee, is continuing its rapid growth. In the space of just five years, the company has succeeded in consolidating its brand identity and its local presence, forging partnerships with leading local ceramic companies and fulfilling production and maintenance needs for overseas ceramic tile production.

GMM USA acts both as a general supplier for all major brands of mechanical components through its parent company GMM Industrial Components and as a supplier of a complete range of industrial maintenance and analysis services through BBM Industrial Maintenance.

BBM monitors the state of health of critical installations by conducting predictive maintenance operations. Through condition monitoring and thermographic and vibrational analysis, it can provide complete and accurate information on any issues affecting the plant to enable maintenance work to be scheduled before any production stoppage occurs.

GMM USA’s key success factors include its high level of specialisation, a just-in-time service backed by large levels of inventory, and 24/7 support provided by qualified Italian personnel.