Grany Taganaya, a new ceramic factory in Russia equipped with Sacmi technology


A complete plant for the production of technical and glazed porcelain tiles equipped with Sacmi technology, from body preparation through to sorting, was started up on 16 May in Zlatoust.

The new Grany Taganaya factory for the production of technical and glazed porcelain tiles was inaugurated on 16 May in the city of Zlatoust in the ńĆeljabinsk region of European Russia.

The factory, which was fully operational by June, was equipped with technology from Sacmi, including plant for all departments from raw materials grinding through to finished product sorting.

Key items of machinery in the layout include the MMC 092 modular mill, the ATM 90 spray dryer, the raw materials batching and slip colouring equipment, the PH 6500 presses suitable for the production of 60x60 cm and 60x90 cm sizes, and the 161.7 metre long Sacmi FMS 295 kiln. The plant’s annual production capacity is 2.5 million sq.m of tiles.

A city with a strong craft tradition, Zlatoust hailed the opening of the new factory in the presence of the local authorities, who are well aware of the economic and employment benefits the factory will bring for the local area. Moreover, the recently installed line may be just the first step in a more ambitious programme as the plant is ready to double capacity in the future (for example, the foundations for a second press are already in place).

The order from Grany Taganaya is an important result for Sacmi in the strategic Russian market, which since 2017 has resumed growth.