Growth in demand for Gamma XD 4.0 printers in South Korea


Durst has seen growing demand in South Korea for its new Gamma XD 4.0 range of digital printers in the first few months of this year.

IS Dongseo, Samyoung, Daebo Ceramics and Hanbo Ceramics, amongst the leading South Korean ceramic tile producers, have expanded their existing Gamma XD production lines with the adoption of new Gamma 108 XD 4.0 units. Five Gamma XD printers are now in operation at IS Dongseo’s facilities in Jinju and Goesan, while Samyoung and Hanbo Ceramics each have four units and Daebo Ceramics has three. All the companies also have Gamma 75 printers.

The new 8-colour Gamma 108 XD 4.0 printers are equipped with 5 colour bars and Durst Digital Material (DM) technology print bars capable of applying more than 100 g/m2 of effect inks to create innovative products.

This gives tile manufacturers enormous advantages in terms of creativity in developing new designs and greater production flexibility, as each type of effect ink (glossy, lustre, matt, white, metallic and glue inks for powder application, etc.) can be applied in the required quantity.

With these latest investments, the four South Korean manufacturers have also laid the foundations for future adoption of Durst’s Full Digital Glaze Line which will synchronise the glazing, decoration and finishing operations.