Hotel Nodo, the first building in Chile that purifies the air


Laminam will supply 2,300 sq.m of ceramic panels treated with Hydrotect® technology as the external cladding of the Hotel Nodo, currently under construction in Santiago de Chile.

Hotel Nodo, the first building in Chile (and probably anywhere in Latin America) whose exterior façades will be clad entirely with Laminam ceramic panels with Hydrotect® technology, is under construction in Santiago.

Developed and patented by Japanese company TOTO Ltd, Hydrotect® technology has long been used by Laminam to make its ceramic surfaces antibacterial, self-cleaning and capable of purifying the air. These properties were a big factor in the client’s decision in a metropolis where pollution is a major concern and where environmental policies are focused on the goal of “zero emissions”.

Thanks to Hydrotect® technology, the tiles react with ultraviolet sunlight to decompose organic substances and neutralise nitrogen oxides (NoX) through the formation of active oxygen.

According to Maurizio Meyer, general manager of Hotel Nodo, 150 sq.m of ceramic surface treated with Hydrotect® is equivalent to the purifying action of 1,000 sq.m of woodland. With its 2,300 sq.m of façades, the hotel will have the same air purification effect as one and a half hectares of woodland or eliminate the quantity of nitrogen produced by more than 180 cars travelling a distance of 30 km.