I-Tech boosts digital customer care


The company has redesigned its website and developed new portals and platforms to provide its customers with remote technical support.

Bruno Bettelli

Demonstrating a good level of resilience in a challenging year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, I-Tech has successfully adapted to the new situation by rapidly rolling out a series of services aimed at shortening and overcoming the distance to the market.

The Sassuolo-based company led by Bruno Bettelli has exploited the latest digital technologies to develop new websites and platforms allowing for constant interaction between its technicians and engineers and its international clientele. The aim is to guarantee assistance and support at every stage of the customer experience, including after-sales, making all activities easier, quicker and more effective, even if performed remotely.

For this purpose, the company provides video tutorials to help customers carry out installations, start-ups and replacements rapidly and completely autonomously. If direct assistance is required, the type of work that needs to be performed is shown on the customer's mobile device using augmented realityThe itech-italia.com website has also been updated to make information on products, events and contacts more accessible and to organise meetings, consultancy and video calls directly from the site.

I-Tech sees customer care as an ongoing process and for over 20 years has been committed to customising, studying and planning each individual project in close collaboration with the customer. During the current period, the company has succeeded in developing customised technological solutions based on process automation to ensure better performance in terms of plant productivity, quality, precision and time, labour and material savings.