I-Tech cutting-edge solutions enjoy excellent results in 2019


I-NKFILLER™, G.O.D. Glazes On Demand and I-GLAZE are among the most widely adopted systems in Italy and abroad

I-Tech, a Sassuolo-based company that for more than twenty years has been specialising in plant and machinery for the preparation and handling of glazes, engobes and inks, posted excellent sales results in 2019.

Much of this success is attributable to the I-NKFILLER™ automatic transfer system, which in the last three years has totalled more than 50 installations. A number of units have also been adopted by well-known Italian brands, including Casalgrande Padana, Polis Ceramiche, Goldart Energieker, Coem Fioranese and Keritaly from the La Fenice group, companies that for years have been producing ceramic materials with a strong focus on technological innovation and environmental sustainability.

As well as guaranteeing significant cost and time savings together with excellent production quality, I-NKFILLER™ adopts an eco-sustainable design approach based on the innovative tank filling control device, which eliminates the need for operator supervision. This allows for a drastic reduction in the error margins in liquid transfer, resulting in less product waste and environmental pollution. Thanks to the partnership with Interser, the company’s exclusive dealer for a number of regions of the world, I-Tech technology has also become a benchmark outside Italy, particularly in South Africa where Pegasus, Samca Floor, Samca Wall and Gryphon have chosen the I-NKFILLER™ system for their factories.

G.O.D. Glazes On Demand, the automatic system for transferring glazing materials from the preparation area to the area of use, is also proving a big success. Already in operation at the brand new Ceramica Mariner production facility in Roteglia (Reggio Emilia), G.O.D. is now equipped with an additional state-of-the-art feature called I-GLAZE, a system for the correction and introduction of additives to glazes and engobes. The I-GLAZE graphic interface, interconnected with the I-Tech management software, is able to automatically recall the quantity of product required for production, introducing additives and maintaining the quantity constant throughout the entire process, thereby ensuring decoration of the highest quality and precision.