I-Tech secures major orders


An I-Glaze system has been supplied to Ceramiche Mariner, while Coem and Samca Floor (South Africa) have adopted I-Nkfiller.

One year since their launch at Tecnargilla 2018, the new I-Glaze and I-Nkfiller plants from I-Tech are seeing major market success. One of the most significant installations completed in 2019 is that of the Ceramiche Mariner factory in Roteglia (Reggio Emilia).

The order consisted of I-Glaze, the fully automatic system for introducing additives and correcting the density of glazes and engobes which is part of the G.O.D (Glaze On Demand) ecosystem patented by I-Tech. The G.O.D. solution implemented for Mariner is entirely interconnected and interfaces with the company supervision system (Prime from System Ceramics), ensuring full automation of the process performed by the I-Glaze units (mill emptying, storage tank filling and subsequent transfer of products on demand to the glazing lines).

The number of I-Nkfiller plants installed to date worldwide has now risen to 50. The latest two installations of the innovative system for filling digital printer tanks were made in August at the factories of Samca Floor (South Africa) and Ceramica COEM in Fiorano Modenese.