Indian company Simola Tiles to produce large ceramic panels using System technology


In November this year, Simola Tiles is due to start up a Lamgea 22000t mouldless press supplied by System at its factory in Morbi (Gujarat, India).

The new plant will produce large-size ceramic panels in sizes up to 1.2x2.4 m and with thicknesses of between 6 and 20 mm. The equipment supplied by System also includes Creadigit XXL high-definition digital printing technology for 400 dpi decoration and Rotocolor systems installed on the same line to further improve the aesthetic quality of new products.

The innovative and sophisticated ceramic surfaces produced using this cutting-edge technology will enable the Indian company to strengthen its position in the domestic market and open up new opportunities for exports to Europe and the United States.

The products manufactured by Simola in the new plant will be used both as traditional floor and wall coverings and for innovative applications such as ventilated façades.