Iris-Granitifiandre makes a 30 million euro investment in large sizes


Iris Ceramica - GranitiFiandre Group has invested a total of 30 million euros in a new, ultra-modern plant for the exclusive production of extremely large-format ceramic panels in sizes up to 320x160 cm, using the Continua+ line from Sacmi and the GEA mouldless press from System, both started up during the summer.

As announced by CEO Federica Minozzi (pictured) on 23 September during the opening of the new external area of the Fiorano headquarters designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, the Group sees large formats as the challenge of the future.

"We have a firm belief in very large sizes as they offer the utmost freedom of design," explained Federica Minozzi "To meet all the needs of contemporary architecture, increasingly focused on multiple and unconventional sizes, we decided to built a new logistics centre for distributing and processing uncut large formats at the Ariostea factory," she added. "This investment totalling around 8 million euros enables us to store products in a range of thicknesses (from 6 to 10 mm and more) prior to being cut according to the precise needs of individual projects. This entirely new concept, close to that of the natural stone sector, ensures maximum flexibility and an increasingly tailor-made service." The project was carried out by Elettric 80 (Viano, Reggio Emilia), a world leader in production process automation, warehouses and distribution centres which is now entering the world of ceramics for the first time.

As regards internationalisation, Federica Minozzi also confirmed the investment in Stupino (Russia), where the new plant - also for large size panel production - will be started up within two years.


Federica Minozzi, Iris Group CEO

federica minozzi

Opening of the new external area of Iris Ceramica headquarters in Fiorano Modenese

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iris inaugurazione 4 

iris inaugurazione 2

iris inaugurazione 3 

 Concept of the project "Linea di Luce" by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini

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