Kerajet and Sercer enjoy success in the Middle East


Sercer, the exclusive distributor for Kerajet in the Middle East, reported excellent results in 2015, especially in Iran and Turkey.

As a result of the partnership between the Modena-based company and the Spanish firm, more than 20 digital printers have been installed in the facilities of Turkish ceramic tile manufacturers. This has further strengthened Kerajet’s market position with a total of more than 50 machines in operation nationwide.

Another strong market is Iran, where 15 inkjet printers have been installed over the last year and growth rates of up to 200% are predicted over the next few years following the reopening of the market.

In both countries the results owe much to the excellent organisation of the local technical/sales staff, with more than 10 technicians capable of providing continuous and rapid support, as well as the presence of a spare parts warehouse.