Kerama Marazzi adopts Sertile digital printer


Installed at the beginning of this year in the third-fire department of the Kerama Marazzi factory in Oriol, the D_segna digital printer from Sertile has fully lived up to expectations in terms of performance, reliability, resolution and print quality.

The printer’s results were admired by visitors to the Batimat exhibition held recently in Moscow, where Kerama Marazzi presented a selection of wall tiles and ceramic panels decorated digitally using the new machine.  

With its modular design and innovative recirculation system, the D_segna multipass system is suitable for decorating both conventional and third-fired ceramic products.

Now available with Dimatix Samba and Starfire printheads, the D_segna can use any kind of ink simultaneously and with a high degree of flexibility, including primer-free inks combined with gold-platinum-lustre.