La Fabbrica Ceramiche opens new showroom


On 12 April in Imola (Bologna), high-end ceramic tile manufacturer La Fabbrica Ceramiche (Castel Bolognese, Ravenna) opened its “Centro di Esposizione di Eccellenza”, a new showroom concept that combines technological innovation with historic and artistic excellence.

The showroom is located inside the fifteenth-century Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni, where a 750 square metre area on two floors hosts a display of the finest La Fabbrica and AVA brand products combining cutting-edge technology with designs inspired by Italian history and art.

The splendid historical building features mythologically themed sculptures by Domenico Morelli and frescoed walls by Alessandro Della Nave and Antonio Villa. These depictions of eighteenth century landscapes serve as the perfect setting for the marble, stone and wood look tiles produced by La Fabbrica and AVA, creating a visually-striking and emotionally-engaging visitor experience.

The new La Fabbrica showroom is unique in terms of the artistic and cultural value of the building made available by Alberto Forchielli, founding partner of Mandarin Capital Partners.