Laminam at Casa Decor 2020


Until July 5th, Laminam exhibits in Madrid with an exhibition created by the Spanish interior designer Cristina Amigo

Laminam is taking part in Casa Decor 2020 with an original presentation which will be open until 5 July in Calle Velázquez 21 in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca district. Visitors to the space showcasing Laminam products, can appreciate the versatility and range of applications of the different finishes through the creative presentation invented by the famous Spanish interior designer Cristina Amigo. The installation recreates the rooms of an art gallery using Laminam surfaces not only to cover walls and floors, but also to make unique design objects. An impressive mosaic, made from the finishes of the different collections, covers another wall, projecting the observer into the Laminam world.

This presentation reaffirms and underscores Casa Decor 2020 sustainability commitments. The gallery has typically African aesthetics and colours where the “natural” element is highlighted, and the accent is on environmental sustainability. Laminam surfaces are environmentally sustainable from all points of view. They are made from natural materials and produced with methods and processes which safeguard the environment. This means that after the surfaces are removed, they can be recycled in other production processes.

Established in 2001, Laminam quickly acquired a leading position in the global market with its large ceramic slabs offered in a wide range of surfaces, sizes and thicknesses. From March 2019 it is controlled by the Alpha Private Equity Fund 7.

In addition to its Fiorano Modenese headquarters, Laminam has two further production centres – one in Borgo Val di Taro, near Parma/Italy, and the other one in Russia, in the Vorsino Industrial Park, near Moscow. The company’s internationalisation process is constantly ongoing, as can be seen with its recent openings of the companies Laminam Germany GmbH, Laminam Japan and Laminam UK.

Its presence in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East is further strengthened by a series of partnerships and sales offices in several countries, and its important distribution centres in strategic locations which were set up to support international market dynamics. Laminam is also expanding its showrooms, located in some of the world’s most important cities, including Milan, Moscow, Warsaw and Kiev, which are becoming important reference points for local markets.