Laminam installs a new SITI B&T’s spray dryer


SITI B&T Group has contributed to the expansion of Laminam’s plant in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma) with its technologies for the raw material preparation department.

For the expansion of its production plant in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma), Laminam, a world leading manufacturer of large ceramic surfaces, has chosen SITI B&T technologies for the raw materials preparation department.

This department has been equipped with a latest-generation spray dryer which not only delivers maximum productivity and higher quality end products but also protects the unique ecosystem of the valley where the Laminam plant is located by using an innovative filtration and dust recovery system to comply with the stringent emission limits in force.

The spray dryer is designed to greatly reduce energy consumption by recovering heat from other user devices. The high level of energy efficiency is also a result of the special features of SITI B&T technology, including a lower temperature set-point, optimised hot air diffusion in the chamber and a hydrogen-blend compatible burner.

The spray-dried powder cooling system avoids powder solidification phenomena in the storage silos downstream of the spray dryer and improves the quality of the finished product obtained during pressing.