Lasselsberger makes new investments


The Austrian group Lasselsberger, a tile manufacturing multinational with production facilities in Romania, Czech Republic and Russia, has announced a major new technological investment programme for the two-year period 2015-2016 that will extend to all factories.

A new third firing kiln has already been installed in the Lasselsberger Ceramics facility in Ufa (Russia) which has enabled output of accents and strips to be doubled. This plant is the group's most recent and modern facility and now has a production capacity of around 9 million sq.m/year.

The Rako facility in the Czech Republic is due to be modernised this year with a total budget of 10 million euros.

A further 12 million euros will be invested to double capacity at the Cesarom facility in Cluj (Romania), a project that will be completed in 2016. The project includes the installation of a new line with a capacity of 4.4 million sq.m/year of glazed porcelain floor tiles equipped with a twin-channel kiln. This will enable the company to expand its range of products and sizes while reducing energy consumption. 

Last but not least, in June this year the group doubled the number of digital printers in operation at its various production facilities by installing eight new machines built by Projecta Engineering.