LB in India for the second edition of "Tile design limitless"


Organised by LB Arte Italiana, the LB division responsible for product research and development in the ceramic sector, the competition was held for the second time in May this year.

Following last year’s success, the second edition of the competition “Tile design limitless” was held in India in May this year.

The project was launched by LB Arte Italiana to promote the use of ceramic tiles and engage architects and designers in the creation of innovative designs and aesthetic effects.

The three-day event, organised in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Interior Designers IIID, featured workshops for design professionals held in Chennai, Hyderabad and Calcutta.

As well as offering creative ideas that can be converted into new aesthetic effects (the best projects will be presented with an award by LB), the meetings with Indian designers reflected the need for a greater degree of customisation in ceramics.

On this topic, the LB staff members present - area manager Gianluca Sbrana, LB India director Dipen Poriya and designer Luca Fois - explained the differences between technical and glazed porcelain and discussed the enormous potential for customisation offered by LB technology.