Living Ceramics focuses on large size tiles

Manuel José Parra Soriano

By the end of this year, Living Ceramics is expecting to complete its investment programme aimed at installing additional equipment in the new production plant commissioned in September 2017 in Onda (Spain). The new site is an authentic smart factory equipped with the Continua+ line from Sacmi, which will allow the Spanish company to produce panels up to 160x320 cm in size, starting out with the 90x90 cm and 60x120 cm sizes, all rectified, with a production capacity of around 7,500 m2 per day.

Following an initial investment of more than 11 million euros, a further 4.5 million euros has been earmarked for upgrading of the glazing and decoration department and for the start-up of the logistic centre where the entire output of the Onda factory is sent for finishing, treatment and packaging. A rectification line and a sorting line were recently started up, while a polishing line is due to be installed over the next few months.

Founded just 5 years ago, right from the outset Living Ceramics opted for a strategy of producing premium hi-tech products. More than 80% of its output is exported, mainly to large European markets such as France and Germany and to a smaller extent to the United States and Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and now also China. The company expects to register a turnover of around 22 million euros in the current year, a figure that is likely to grow rapidly following the launch of the new collections produced at the new facility.  

“The next step will be to double the capacity of the plant,” Living Ceramics’ CEO Manuel José Parra Soriano told us. “We don’t have a precise date yet but we aim to be ready to begin whenever the expansion is needed. If we maintain our current growth rate, we could initiate the investment within a couple of years.”

Read the interview with Manuel José Parra published on Ceramic World Review 127/2018