Marazzi chooses Evolve digital technology


Siti B&T Group member company Projecta Engineering is continuing its partnership with the world-leading tile manufacturer Marazzi Group, which since 2010 has been using Evolve digital decoration technology and making investments in latest-generation equipment for high-quality surfaces, colours and decorations.

Previous orders for factories at Sassuolo in Italy, at Orel and Malino in Russia, and at Florence, Alabama and Dallas, Texas in the USA were followed in 2014 by the supply of 20 new machines, including 12 for factories in Italy and 8 in Russia. Four five-colour EVOseven machines were installed in the Marlit factory (Sassuolo), 2 six-colour EVOseven units (with double row printing) in the Mix factory (Marazzi Fiorano) and 6 five-colour EVOseven-112 units (with the possibility of a 1120 mm printing width) in the new and renovated plant in Fiorano Modenese. Of the 8 six-colour EVOseven units started up in Russia, five are located at the facility in Orel and three in Malino.

A complete glazing line has also been put into operation with outstanding results at the Orel facility for the third-fire production of trim pieces. The line is equipped with a patented Evomoving digital printer with 8 colour bars, a printing width of up to 420 mm and automatically adjustable heads capable of following the trim pieces with a high degree of precision and ensuring high printing quality in a single pass.

The Evolve family of decorating machines combine aesthetics and high quality and feature exclusive patented technologies that enable the ink sequence to be modified simply by interchanging the positions of the colour bars. EVOseven can manage up to 7 colour bars and combines a printing speed of more than 50 m/min. with extremely high resolution.